Essays in History

essays in history

Essays in History (EiH) is an open-access journal for emerging historians. Established in 1954, EiH is possibly the world’s oldest, ongoing student-run history journal. Edited by graduate students at the University of Virginia, EiH publishes peer-reviewed articles and historiographical essays in all areas of historical inquiry, as well as reviews of the most recent scholarship. EiH aims to be a resource to students, teachers, researchers, and enthusiasts of historical studies. With its focus on emerging scholars, the journal frequently provides graduate students, early career scholars, and occasionally an accomplished undergraduate their first chance to publish a book review or peer-reviewed article or to serve as an anonymous reviewer or editor. As such, we hope to provide a supportive, caring experience for our editors, authors, and anonymous referees.

International Journal of First Aid Education

international journal of first aid education

The International Journal of First Aid Education (IJFAE: the First Aid Journal) disseminates scholarly and field-based works to advance the knowledge and practices of first aid,  educators, and curriculum designers. Published works may also assist organizations, governments, and funders to identify support networks and best practices to help inform policy, laws, and measurements surrounding first aid for the resiliency of individuals, communities, and populations.

Journal of Modern Philosophy

journal of modern philosophy

JMPhil is an open access philosophy journal that publishes papers on the history of philosophy from the 16th century through the 18th century up to, but not including, Kant.

Language Documentation and Description

language documentation and description

Language Documentation and Description (LDD) publishes research articles on the theory and practice of language documentation, language description, sociocultural aspects of language use and linguistic research, language policy, language revitalization, and related topics. The journal has a focus on small, minority, and endangered languages.

Summer Academe: A Journal of Higher Education

summer academe: a journal of higher education

Summer Academe provides university and college administrators, deans and directors of summer sessions, and faculty involved in teaching and programming in summer sessions with a source of current research and best practices in summer session administration and pedagogy. The journal is sponsored by the North American Association of Summer Sessions and the Association of University Summer Sessions.